Free DISC personality Test. The importance of the right personality in teams.

Free DISC personality Test. The importance of the right personality in teams.

Why a free DISC test can help

Besides the fact that your hard skills are of course very important to employers, the right soft skills are just as important.

How you are and how you behave often determine whether you feel at home in the team and whether the team can be (more) successful with your strong soft skills and personality. In general, the right mix of personalities (for example, dominating or inspiring) is a requirement for a team or department to be successful.

But how do you find out what your strong soft skills are and what personality type you are?

Several methods have been developed for this, one of which is the DISC personality test.

Our parent company Informatus IT developed a free DISC personality test that gives you a quick insight into your predominant soft skills and your personality profile. Find out with this test your behavior towards others and what your preferred behavior is in different circumstances. (for example if you are under a lot of pressure/stress). By taking this free DISC personality test you will learn to better understand why you react this way in certain work situations, what your strengths are and your weaknesses, and importantly, you get tools on how to deal with them better.

The DISC personality test is divided into 4 main factors; Dominant, Influence, Stable and Conscientious. (Hence the abbreviation “DISC”).

The DISC test we developed contains 28 elements, each consisting of 4 items. Choose per element which suits you the most and which the least. It may sometimes be difficult to choose, so it is good to know that there are no “right” or “wrong” answers. Just try to choose what suits you best. At the end of this free DISC test you will see your preferred personality, which personality traits you have the least and suggestions on what could possibly make you better.

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